Eigenfaces Talk – Wednesday at 4p

So it may seem like I’m not doing much related to my blog these days (in fact, midterms have been quite ruthless these past two weeks, and I’m not out of the woods yet!), but I’m actually giving a talk on eigenfaces on Wednesday for the UIC undergraduate math club. If any UIC people happen to be reading this and want to come watch, it’ll be at 4pm in SEO 300 (refreshments provided, I believe).

Of course, it’s not original research, but if it’s certainly good practice in giving a lecture, and in preparing a Beamer (LaTeX) presentation. On the other hand, eigenfaces are only 20-year-old mathematics, so compared to many topics it’s quite fresh 🙂

To my readers in other parts of the world, I assure you I am still here and writing. Some future posts I have in mind include more Chai development (but it requires some significant server-side changes to the online interpreter), using search algorithms to find proofs in the propositional calculus, an entry in the proof gallery on the Banach-Tarski paradox, and an investigation of the randomized greedy algorithm as a heuristic for NP-hard problems (and artistic design!).

I just have to make sure I pass all my classes too, okay?

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