“Dog” Print Available for Sale

My girlfriend and I decided we want a print of my recent artistic creation from the post Bezier Curves and Picasso.


I set up an account at Society6, which does professional art printing (framed or unframed).  I can’t imagine anyone beside me would be interested in including this in their art collection, but just in case it’s available for sale here. I plan to put it below my print of Picasso’s “Dog.” Donning my pretentious art-snob hat, the juxtaposition of two abstract representations of the same idea adds a profound depth to the work as a whole.

Warning: I have not yet ordered this print, so I cannot attest to the quality (perhaps it’s pixelated and I need to produce a higher quality version). I will be travelling to conferences and doing last-minute preparations for a preliminary exam over the next three weeks, so I won’t be ordering the print until June. If people are interested, leave a comment and I will send a notification via Twitter/Google+/Facebook with my thoughts once I get it.

Disclosure: I receive a $5.00 commission on any purchase. If you want a more direct way to support this blog, consider donating via Paypal.

Here’s a screenshot from Society6’s automatically generated preview of one framing option. Looks pretty cool 🙂

Dog Framed

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