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And the year four birthday post

So Math ∩ Programming was actually born on June 12th 2011, but since my schedule is about to get super busy (more on that below) I’m writing my birthday post a month early.

First things first: I’m conducting a survey of my readers! If you want to help shape the future of Math ∩ Programming, please go take the survey. The results will be private, but I may at some point release some statistics about responses to some of the questions.

So my life is busy this summer. Here’s a few of the things I’ll be doing.

  • I’m giving a poster at the Network Science 2015 workshop at Snowbird, Utah.
  • I’m attending the huge ACM FCRC 2015 conference extravaganza. There will be 12 conferences in one convention center! I’d have reason to go to three or four of them, but they’re all timewise overlapping so I’ll probably approach it like a buffet and try a little piece of everything.
  • I’m going to present a little paper at the ICML Workshop on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency in Machine Learning (FAT ML, the best acronym) in France, and we’re working on beefing it up into a more substantial paper.
  • I recently submitted my application for Hungarian citizenship, which I have by birthright but even after being submitted requires a lot of paperwork in a language I don’t speak very well.
  • I’m rushing to hit some May and June paper deadlines, since…
  • I’m getting married in June! So exciting!

With regards to my blog, I have a big fat list of promises I have not delivered on. Including,

  • Finishing the series on linear programming.
  • Getting to any interesting quantum algorithms.
  • Machine-learny things like support vector machines, boosting, VC-dimension, community detection methods, etc.
  • Topology-related stuff and persistent homology.
  • Following the big blog map I drew last year.

The reason is because I’ve been spending some time on other blog-related projects I plan to announce in the coming months, as well as spending more and more time on a growing list of research projects, and of course on wedding planning. So sadly this will be a very slow summer for M∩P.

And finally, starting in the Fall I will be on the academic job market. I’ll likely post again when September comes around, but my anticipated graduation date is May 2016. So that’s going to be quite the roller coaster I’m sure.

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