Table of Contents for PIM

I am down to the home stretch for publishing my upcoming book, “A Programmer’s Introduction to Mathematics.” I don’t have an exact publication date—I’m self publishing—but after months of editing, I’ve only got two chapters left in which to apply edits that I’ve already marked up in my physical copy. That and some notes from external reviewers, and adding jokes and anecdotes and fun exercises as time allows.

I’m committing to publishing by the end of the year. When that happens I’ll post here and also on the book’s mailing list. Here’s a sneak preview of the table of contents. And a shot of the cover design (still a work in progress)


10 thoughts on “Table of Contents for PIM

  1. Enjoying the book so far, but it’s definitely a pain to read on the Kindle 😦
    Can I request a format that reflows, with legible maths markup, please? I’m really looking forward to reading this, but I doubt I’ll get through it in the current format. I’ve used Calibre to convert the PDF to Amazon’s mobi format, but every line in the pdf is reflowed into a separate para, some of the formulas are tiny / low resolution, and a ‘footnote box’ might be scattered across several pages.
    I couldn’t see where to leave feedback / make a request, as I bought through Gumroad (no feedback), and Amazon doesn’t let me review.
    Many thanks, ptim

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