This page contains all the currently existing ways to support Math ∩ Programming, and as people suggest new ways. I also want to be as transparent as possible as to where your money goes in terms of merchant fees for the transactions, and how much I get in total.

Funding transparency reports:

Here are all the ways you can support this blog, in increasing order of difficulty.

Whitelist your ad blocking software for this domain. As of April 2013, this blog serves ads which fund this blog (as opposed to WordPress, which has been serving ads on my blog since it started anyway). The ads pay per page load, not per click, so simply whitelisting this domain in your adblock software while you read will implicitly generate a small amount of revenue. I have no idea if actually watching an ad results in extra funding. I have promised, if I get enough sustained support on Patreon, to eliminate ads.

Share. Sharing my blog in your social network will lead to higher traffic, and this will indirectly lead to funding for this blog in a variety of ways.

Become a Patron: via Patreon. When I first signed up they said they would take 2% off the top of my monthly donations, capped at $1 per month. Since then they’ve changed it to around 5% for their fee plus 5% – 6% for the processing fee. My average cut for 2016 was around 89.5% of the total monthly donation. Patreon is by far the most profitable method of support.

The benefits of being a patron include early access to posts, yearly gifts for top Patrons, and if I get enough support I will drop ads from the blog.

Donate directly

  • via PayPal. 2.9% + 0.30 USD of each transaction goes to PayPal.
  • In Bitcoin. Address 1BZB1WbCWNC88Ss9Kq6PuBaHnEVR7S3Pyh. Fees are very small, at roughly $0.02 USD per transaction, depending on the market.
  • in Ethereum. Address 0xB1F585684d09233bC1D0425dE372c05073D0DbF5. Ditto.
  • in Litecoin. Address LfSzzcwr2xP2ag66F5nmrpQFzgJochqZTF. Ditto.

I used to sell merchandise but I don’t anymore. I need better designs and very few people buy the merchandise.

Use affiliate links

I use affiliate links at the end of posts to link to math books that are related to the post. If you use these links and buy something, I get a small cut. The referral rate is 4% but will increase over time if people use it a lot. This usually results in roughly $1 per referral, though I have no idea how that results from the 4% quote.

Apply for a job with TripleByte

On the sidebar of this blog is a link to take TripleByte’s online coding quiz. TripleByte is a company that matches software engineers with jobs at great software companies. If you do well on their 20-30 minute quiz, you do a video interview with TripleByte, and if that goes well they match you with companies. That means you skip the phone screen portion of many companies with one interview. You can read a recent AMA with a founder if you’re interested. They particularly pride themselves in catering to individuals with nontraditional backgrounds, as they refuse to look at a resume or schooling credentials.

If you’re looking for a job, or unhappy with your current job, you should try applying through TripleByte. Hopefully it will save you time, and if you end up getting a position through their service, I get a referral bonus of $1,500. Here are some companies TripleByte works with


Thanks so much for your readership. It honestly keeps this blog going strong, and regardless of your choice to support or not to support, I appreciate every reader who stumbles across this humble blog and enjoys it.

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  1. Please include all your content in a pdf file for a download, so that users can read it offline,thought there is a risk of people spreading the pdf due to which number of people visiting your group will decrease,but it will benefit people in third world countries where internet is costly.

  2. You only have a teaser in the RSS feed so I can’ t possibly know if I wish to read the full article.

    I might turn off AdBlock if it made sense to do so. I resent teasers so am more likely to simply unsubscribe.

    • You need to read the full article to tell if you want to read the full article? That doesn’t make sense to me, but you seem pretty passionate about it.

  3. Jeremy, I ordered a spreadshirt shirt because I wanted to support the blog, but the printing quality was pretty terrible. Brand new it looked like I had owned it for 3+ years and after a few washes it got relegated to the workout-shirt-only bin.

    I’d recommend you switch to another vendor with higher quality prints. Thanks!

    • I got complaints that the shirts were not good quality, and I would like to, at some point, come up with a better design. Unfortunately I am not a good designer so I can’t say when I will have time for this

  4. Dear Jeremy

    At this time I can support by turning off my ad-blocker. It is my first time here. I hope to do more in terms of supporting what you are doing. Thank you for continuing the tradition of sharing your knowledge.

  5. Hi. I ordered the .PDF of math for programmers and I haven’t received any instructions for downloading the file. Can you help?

  6. I tried to purchase your book, but a credit card was mandatory which I do not have. Even when purchasing through PayPal a credit card had to be added. On other websites I was able to purchase through PayPal using my PayPal account without a credit card, so this is probably something that Gumroad can change.

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